Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Small Talk

Small talk is always important in business to gain a sense of interest in another employee. Small talk will help you relate to others and get you working as a team more. There are however some inappropriate things that should not be discussed such as religion or beliefs. Good small talk conversations can include sports, TV, movies, news, entertain, travel and vacations, work experience, family, and more. These are simple conversations that will help you gain a "work friendship" with other employees. Besides getting to know others better, small talk can also help you with your communication skills. Communication skills are extremely important in the business industry.

A Proper LinkedIn Account

This link discusses how to make a LinkedIn account. It addresses that if you do not know how to make a proper account, do not make one at all. Having a poor or not updated account can hurt you more than not having one at all. This is because others can view your page and will see you are slacking, don't care, or simply don't have the skills to be in one of the biggest professional networks. This website shows you exactly how to make your LinkedIn page perfect. You always need to have a picture. In the headline, discuss exactly who you are and what you do. Only reach out to people you find will benefit you and you can partake in discussions with them. Reach out to people in order to get recommendations, especially someone within your industry. Only address the skills that you are confident you can use in the interview and on the job. Lastly, always update any information or other people and company's will not know the real you.

It takes more than just a resume!

This article states that yes, it is important for your resume to address anything and everything your employer will want to know. However, there is much more than a resume that will indiciate if you are the right person for the job.  For example, your resume may say you were a server at job and what your duties were, but it doesn't say whether or not you handled your job well or if you communicated with others well. A resume also doesn't show the attidtude of the job seeker. The attitude of someone can only be concluded after a face to face meeting, not through a piece of paper such as a resume. Another reason a job requires more than a resume is because it is not easy to address everything you need to say, such as your leadership skills and how you have been a leader in your past careers. There are many reasons why interviews are so important in getting a job. The main reason is because the resume simply does not cover everything that the employer may need to know in order to hire the right employee for the job.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Finding A Job

This video was helpful to me. In the video, people are talking about the hardest part of any career is the search. It discusses many ways that one can find a job via online, ads, networking, and more. Throughout the video there are employers that talk about what they seek for when hiring. Most of them say its whoever stands out. The main goal is to get the employer to remember you. The first step is to avoid any mistakes in your resume. Mistake automatically show lack of care, and your name and resume is now at the bottom of the pile. Winning resumes are honest, neat, and professional. It is said that a resume must make an impact on its reader withing the first five seconds in order to get the employee even slightly noticed. Yes, I do think this video was useful and I could use some of its information in getting a job in the future.

Ten Commandments of Resumes

Yes, I found this video useful, but not so much helpful. This video goes on to talk about how to write a resume. It says how a resume is one of the most important things in the of getting a job. It is one of the things that will set you apart from the other competition. The video explains that your resume has to catch the employers attention. It says that you want to focus on the employers needs, not yours. Your resume needs to convince the employer that you are the one they should hire. More useful information this video gives is advise to research the job. Know all about it so you look knowledagble and as if you very interested in this opportunity. If you can, you need to network your resume. It is all about who you know and having recommendations. Always keep in touch with old employers to get good recommendations in the work field. Lastly, the video says to always include a cover letter. In the cover letter you should include the information you found in your research and the reason why you are the right choice for this job. As I said, this video was useful. All these tips were important, but most of them are common sense. Something this video could have added for example would be explaining how to get the readers attention or how to make the resume focus on your employers needs and not your own. Yes, I could definitly use this video to tweak my resume, but like I said, it could be a little more helpful with better examples.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The first resume I put together was my senior year of high school. All the colleges I applied to, required me to submit a resume. When making it, all I really knew to put on it was my education, experience, and activities. When I got to college, I had a class that went over how to make a resume and the different websites that can help create one. I have added to my resume skills and honors/achievement. One question that I have about resumes is how long it should be? I have had professors who told me only one page because no one wants to read more then that and your resume will just get thrown at the bottom of the pile and I have also heard more then one page because it shows you have more experience and have been more involved. When writing my resume today, I would definitely get the help of a resume builder because it shows you everything you need to include in a resume. All you have to do it fill it in.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Persuasive Writing

The persuasive writing example that I found was written by a student persuading her principal to open a school store. She uses the logical approach by stating logical and true facts as to why the store would be beneficial. She formatted the letter into 3 paragraphs and uses the direct approach. The first paragraph is her planning, the second paragraph is persuading the principal on why he should open a school store, and finally the last paragraph asks for his permission. This targets the principal because he is who the students go to when they have ideas about improving the school. She takes the approach of trying to convince the principal that the store with be very convenient for all students. She tries to take a sincere and concerned voice. She wants to show him she is very into the project and wants it to happen. This letter communicates what the store will benefit to the students such as school supplies including pens, notebooks, calculators, etc. I personally find this letter to communicate to reader effectively. She uses the you-viewpoint and also uses the direct approach, which keeps the reader interested. The only thing I would do better is in the second paragraph, I would include more facts on how opening the school store would benefit the school as well and not only the students.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Bad News

When I receive bad news, my response to it is different in every situation. If I was at work, I would need to control my reaction to the bad news and not freak out. I know to keep everything to myself and keep calm. I cannot make a scene at work, especially in front of higher staff such as managers and my boss. However, if I receive bad news at home, I do have the right to act however I would like, but acting out will not get me any further than staying calm would. Inside my head, I am extremely angry; just like anyone else would be. I can feel my emotions turning upset down. When your head is full of anger and bad thoughts, this has a great opportunity of effecting your response. A good idea would be to take a thirty minute break and walking away from the computer. That way it gives you time to relax and calm down. Also, try and think of any positives there may be from this situation. An example would be if I did a project for my job and they had told me they were going to use my ideas from the project. Later, I got an email saying they changed their mind. I would be extremely mad, but because this pertains to work, I must act calm and positively respond back.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Business Letter Format... yay or nay?

Business Letter

I found this business letter from The Sports Shop being sent to Mr. John Smith about uniforms he had ordered. And yes, I do think his use of formatting is is effective and appropriate in this situation. He wrote concisely and complete meaning he wrote exactly what needed to be said, nothing more and nothing less. It was very clear what was being said. He was very specific of what uniforms Mr. John Smith would be recieving including color, size, and what the actual clothing was. Also, the assitant manager from the The Sports Shop provided Mr. Smith with other information such as when the uniforms would be recieved. He noted to Mr. Smith that there have been previous delays with the deliveries, but then gave him another date that the uniforms will definitly be in by. For his closing, he left his contact information for if anything goes wrong or if they have any questions. Short, sweet, and to the point with all the right information.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Company Websites

I disagree with any business whose language on their website comes off to the reader as too formal. Me personally, I go on various websites everyday. If something is too complicated to read and too time consuming, I can guarantee you that I will not be going back on that site again. This will cause the business to do bad because no one is going to buy their products if they don't even want to go on their website. Businesses need to make their websites short, sweet, and to the point when talking to their customers. However, if the company's website only relates to other members of the business, who understand "business talk", then that would be okay to make the websites language formal or corporate-speak. One reason why businesses may still talk formal rather then casual is because the top management people have probably been in the business for so long that it comes naturally to them. They do not understand that other people cannot read these words/sentences as easily as they can. Basically companies need to understand that the only way to make money is through their customers. If their customers are not able to comprehend what products are trying to be sold, then I can guarantee you, not much will be sold and that business will not make any money.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Insurance E-mail

The first problem that I noticed with the e-mail is the beginning paragraph. It is extremely unclear and way too technical. This already loses the readers attention. Besides this, the e-mail does not clearly state how this new process is going to work. The readers it applies to are going to be confused and might mess up. To make this attempt a little better, the writer should have simply sent everyone an e-mail saying here are the new guidelines for the new e-mail system and simply list them. Clear, simple, and to the point. Also, an extra tip at the bottom could consist of why they are changing the e-mail system and the benefits the new system provides.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Are these blogs linked to Business Communication?

The LinkedIn Blog benefits their company because it provides information regarding their company's purpose. LinkedIn is a social networking site for other businesses. This blog is definitely a form of business communication because they are working with other company's to improve any flaws. They are trying to come up with solutions to make the business world better. They post about creative ideas, helpful advice, top stories, and more. Many of their posts are catchy, interesting, and knowledgeable so the reader can actually get something from it. They have videos, pictures, and and ads posted pertaining to what their business is all about. Most importantly, they provide the readers with their website and all social networks that they also have such as twitter which promotes their business.

Zappos Blog benefits its company greatly. Zappos is an ordinary shoe store that decided to take a risk and be different. They said instead of providing customers with only great service, why not do more? They started focusing on culture, values, and experience and wanted to help other businesses focus on these aspects as well. On their blog, there is an e-mail from another company, LivePerson, stating how much Zappos improved their company. This business communication will show other businesses and organizations that they can do it as well and in the long run Zappos is the reason for everyones success.

Whole Foods Market's Blog benefits its company a little differently. The blog supports its company by promoting their twitter, facebook, flickr, and actual website. They also show how much they really care about the environment. However, because they are promoting a healthy environment, the people who are into recycling and gardening, or just the environment in general, can view this blog and all their previous posts and will participate in more activities and ideas that Whole Foods will advertise. This will increase the store financially as well because they will get more customers who enjoy different fun, creative, and educational blog posts. In some of their posts, they offer chances to win different things such as gift cards. Also, they ask for the readers opinions on anything to help make their store better. This blog is more of external business communication because the company is talking to its customers, not so much the staff.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Who I Am


My name is Michelle Bry and I grew up in a small town in New Jersey that I loved.  Once I got to high school, three other small towns combined with mine and we became a regional high school. Even with four towns in one school, I still only graduated with 200 students. I then decided to move out of my small bubble and come to South Carolina. I am now a sophomore at Coastal Carolina University and I'm majoring in Resort Tourism Management with a minor in Spanish. Event planning is what I look forward to taking on as a career in the future. I would love to work for a big corporation being their specific event planner. I am hoping by making this blog I will be more aware of how the "business world" works. When I'm not in class or studying you can always find me at the beach or pool or just simply hanging out with my friends. I'm friendly and outgoing and love making new friends. Again, I'm Michelle Bry and I love meeting new people... get to know me!