Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Are these blogs linked to Business Communication?

The LinkedIn Blog benefits their company because it provides information regarding their company's purpose. LinkedIn is a social networking site for other businesses. This blog is definitely a form of business communication because they are working with other company's to improve any flaws. They are trying to come up with solutions to make the business world better. They post about creative ideas, helpful advice, top stories, and more. Many of their posts are catchy, interesting, and knowledgeable so the reader can actually get something from it. They have videos, pictures, and and ads posted pertaining to what their business is all about. Most importantly, they provide the readers with their website and all social networks that they also have such as twitter which promotes their business.

Zappos Blog benefits its company greatly. Zappos is an ordinary shoe store that decided to take a risk and be different. They said instead of providing customers with only great service, why not do more? They started focusing on culture, values, and experience and wanted to help other businesses focus on these aspects as well. On their blog, there is an e-mail from another company, LivePerson, stating how much Zappos improved their company. This business communication will show other businesses and organizations that they can do it as well and in the long run Zappos is the reason for everyones success.

Whole Foods Market's Blog benefits its company a little differently. The blog supports its company by promoting their twitter, facebook, flickr, and actual website. They also show how much they really care about the environment. However, because they are promoting a healthy environment, the people who are into recycling and gardening, or just the environment in general, can view this blog and all their previous posts and will participate in more activities and ideas that Whole Foods will advertise. This will increase the store financially as well because they will get more customers who enjoy different fun, creative, and educational blog posts. In some of their posts, they offer chances to win different things such as gift cards. Also, they ask for the readers opinions on anything to help make their store better. This blog is more of external business communication because the company is talking to its customers, not so much the staff.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Who I Am


My name is Michelle Bry and I grew up in a small town in New Jersey that I loved.  Once I got to high school, three other small towns combined with mine and we became a regional high school. Even with four towns in one school, I still only graduated with 200 students. I then decided to move out of my small bubble and come to South Carolina. I am now a sophomore at Coastal Carolina University and I'm majoring in Resort Tourism Management with a minor in Spanish. Event planning is what I look forward to taking on as a career in the future. I would love to work for a big corporation being their specific event planner. I am hoping by making this blog I will be more aware of how the "business world" works. When I'm not in class or studying you can always find me at the beach or pool or just simply hanging out with my friends. I'm friendly and outgoing and love making new friends. Again, I'm Michelle Bry and I love meeting new people... get to know me!