Monday, September 19, 2011

Business Letter Format... yay or nay?

Business Letter

I found this business letter from The Sports Shop being sent to Mr. John Smith about uniforms he had ordered. And yes, I do think his use of formatting is is effective and appropriate in this situation. He wrote concisely and complete meaning he wrote exactly what needed to be said, nothing more and nothing less. It was very clear what was being said. He was very specific of what uniforms Mr. John Smith would be recieving including color, size, and what the actual clothing was. Also, the assitant manager from the The Sports Shop provided Mr. Smith with other information such as when the uniforms would be recieved. He noted to Mr. Smith that there have been previous delays with the deliveries, but then gave him another date that the uniforms will definitly be in by. For his closing, he left his contact information for if anything goes wrong or if they have any questions. Short, sweet, and to the point with all the right information.

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