Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Company Websites

I disagree with any business whose language on their website comes off to the reader as too formal. Me personally, I go on various websites everyday. If something is too complicated to read and too time consuming, I can guarantee you that I will not be going back on that site again. This will cause the business to do bad because no one is going to buy their products if they don't even want to go on their website. Businesses need to make their websites short, sweet, and to the point when talking to their customers. However, if the company's website only relates to other members of the business, who understand "business talk", then that would be okay to make the websites language formal or corporate-speak. One reason why businesses may still talk formal rather then casual is because the top management people have probably been in the business for so long that it comes naturally to them. They do not understand that other people cannot read these words/sentences as easily as they can. Basically companies need to understand that the only way to make money is through their customers. If their customers are not able to comprehend what products are trying to be sold, then I can guarantee you, not much will be sold and that business will not make any money.

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