Monday, October 17, 2011

Persuasive Writing

The persuasive writing example that I found was written by a student persuading her principal to open a school store. She uses the logical approach by stating logical and true facts as to why the store would be beneficial. She formatted the letter into 3 paragraphs and uses the direct approach. The first paragraph is her planning, the second paragraph is persuading the principal on why he should open a school store, and finally the last paragraph asks for his permission. This targets the principal because he is who the students go to when they have ideas about improving the school. She takes the approach of trying to convince the principal that the store with be very convenient for all students. She tries to take a sincere and concerned voice. She wants to show him she is very into the project and wants it to happen. This letter communicates what the store will benefit to the students such as school supplies including pens, notebooks, calculators, etc. I personally find this letter to communicate to reader effectively. She uses the you-viewpoint and also uses the direct approach, which keeps the reader interested. The only thing I would do better is in the second paragraph, I would include more facts on how opening the school store would benefit the school as well and not only the students.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Bad News

When I receive bad news, my response to it is different in every situation. If I was at work, I would need to control my reaction to the bad news and not freak out. I know to keep everything to myself and keep calm. I cannot make a scene at work, especially in front of higher staff such as managers and my boss. However, if I receive bad news at home, I do have the right to act however I would like, but acting out will not get me any further than staying calm would. Inside my head, I am extremely angry; just like anyone else would be. I can feel my emotions turning upset down. When your head is full of anger and bad thoughts, this has a great opportunity of effecting your response. A good idea would be to take a thirty minute break and walking away from the computer. That way it gives you time to relax and calm down. Also, try and think of any positives there may be from this situation. An example would be if I did a project for my job and they had told me they were going to use my ideas from the project. Later, I got an email saying they changed their mind. I would be extremely mad, but because this pertains to work, I must act calm and positively respond back.