Monday, November 28, 2011

Finding A Job

This video was helpful to me. In the video, people are talking about the hardest part of any career is the search. It discusses many ways that one can find a job via online, ads, networking, and more. Throughout the video there are employers that talk about what they seek for when hiring. Most of them say its whoever stands out. The main goal is to get the employer to remember you. The first step is to avoid any mistakes in your resume. Mistake automatically show lack of care, and your name and resume is now at the bottom of the pile. Winning resumes are honest, neat, and professional. It is said that a resume must make an impact on its reader withing the first five seconds in order to get the employee even slightly noticed. Yes, I do think this video was useful and I could use some of its information in getting a job in the future.

Ten Commandments of Resumes

Yes, I found this video useful, but not so much helpful. This video goes on to talk about how to write a resume. It says how a resume is one of the most important things in the of getting a job. It is one of the things that will set you apart from the other competition. The video explains that your resume has to catch the employers attention. It says that you want to focus on the employers needs, not yours. Your resume needs to convince the employer that you are the one they should hire. More useful information this video gives is advise to research the job. Know all about it so you look knowledagble and as if you very interested in this opportunity. If you can, you need to network your resume. It is all about who you know and having recommendations. Always keep in touch with old employers to get good recommendations in the work field. Lastly, the video says to always include a cover letter. In the cover letter you should include the information you found in your research and the reason why you are the right choice for this job. As I said, this video was useful. All these tips were important, but most of them are common sense. Something this video could have added for example would be explaining how to get the readers attention or how to make the resume focus on your employers needs and not your own. Yes, I could definitly use this video to tweak my resume, but like I said, it could be a little more helpful with better examples.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The first resume I put together was my senior year of high school. All the colleges I applied to, required me to submit a resume. When making it, all I really knew to put on it was my education, experience, and activities. When I got to college, I had a class that went over how to make a resume and the different websites that can help create one. I have added to my resume skills and honors/achievement. One question that I have about resumes is how long it should be? I have had professors who told me only one page because no one wants to read more then that and your resume will just get thrown at the bottom of the pile and I have also heard more then one page because it shows you have more experience and have been more involved. When writing my resume today, I would definitely get the help of a resume builder because it shows you everything you need to include in a resume. All you have to do it fill it in.